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5 Signs You're in Need of a Washing Machine Repair

Your washing machine is a core component of your home. After all, there's not much you can do without clean clothes, towels, rags, and linens. It is often overlooked, but according to an article published by Chron, American households average 7.5 loads of laundry per week making them a crucial part of our lives. When your washing machine starts to malfunction, it can throw off your productivity levels and become quite inconvenient.

It's essential to be aware of the warning signs of a necessary washing machine repair to identify and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Highlighted below are common signs to look for that mean you're in need of washing machine repairs:

Laundry Isn't Cleaned

After a cycle in the washing machine, we expect our laundry's scent and state to be restored. One of the more apparent signs of a broken washing machine is laundry that isn't being cleaned.

After measuring out the perfect amount of detergent, throwing in an acceptable amount of items, and pressing the start button, you should be able to begin the washer's cleaning cycle. If your washing machine is instead not turning on at all, something is amiss within the system. It's most likely an electrical issue that will require professional inspection and repair.

Water Isn't Draining

After a rinse cycle, you should be able to easily open the door to your washing machine and retrieve your items. If you open the washer to find your clothes soaked in water, there's a problem. Once the cycle is complete, no water should be left in the drum.

If there is an accumulation of water, start the troubleshooting process by checking the pump to ensure any laundry doesn't block it. Additionally, you'll want to check the drain hose for clogs. If you have checked both and still can't seem to identify the source of the issue, it's time to call in professionals.

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It Isn't Spinning

One of the most effective parts of your washing machine cleaning process is the spin cycle! The spin cycle is essential for effectively cleaning all items and draining any excess water. If your spin cycle simply won't spin or turn at all, it's time for a repair. A malfunctioning lid switch or belt could be at fault for this issue, so it's best to call in professionals as soon as possible to investigate the problem.

Excessive Noise

All washers emit a light hum or squeaking noise, but if your washing machine has been especially noisy or makes sounds that it has never made before, it could be time for a repair. Common warning sounds from washing machines include thumping, grinding, or bumping noises.

We recommend first rearranging the items in the washer and ensuring they're spread out evenly. Afterward, if your washer continues to make strange noises, it could be an issue with the drum or motor mount. Call professionals right away to prevent further damage!

Starting and Stopping

All washing machines have a slight delay when transitioning from one step of the cleaning cycle to the next, but if your washer comes to a complete halt and then restarts, we suggest contacting professionals for a diagnosis.

Washers that start and stop frequently may have a worn-down part or sensor in need of replacement. We warn against DIY repairs as this can often worsen the issue or lead to an overall system breakdown.

Washing Machine Repair Experts in Conroe

Our washing machines provide a world of convenience when it comes to the extensive task of laundry. It's essential to keep your washer running efficiently to prevent an overall system breakdown. Our washer repair specialists at Lone Star Appliance Repair have years of experience in washing machine repair and maintenance. If you need your washer to run like new again, contact us today at (936) 296-3355 or complete our online contact form to set up your appointment.